I’m an experienced Affiliate Marketer…I already make money online…

How does BLOX 2.0 help me?
As an experienced affiliate marketer you already know how much money it’s possible to make promoting digital products online, right?. You might already make 100s of dollars a day, maybe 1000s, or perhaps you make way more than that?

Either way…
I bet you’d like to Make More For Doing Less… wouldn’t you?
So what If I told you that you could make the same amount of money, OR MORE with as little as 2 minutes work?

Would that help?
Yes? Then read on…

We’ve been successful affiliates long enough to know that: Even top affiliates want to…
Save Time & Make More?

And here’s how we do it…
Using BLOX means we never have to, or need to create another ‘product specific’ promotion… *Yet, we can still make the same or more money from that same product.
*This statement is based on our own verified & ‘publicly shared’ results, which are 100% the result of using BLOX systems to target and make money from other people's digital products, which in most cases we never actually promote, as the proof all over this page corroborates.
We save time because…
  • We don’t have to review anyone's product
  • We don’t have to create bonuses specifically for anyone's product
  • We don’t have to make video reviews for specific products
  • ​We don’t have to write or create emails, posts, copy, bonus pages or anything else.
In fact…
Like I mentioned above, In most cases we don’t actually promote those products full stop! But we still make 100s even 1000s in affiliate commission.

Most Blox systems are evergreen systems once they’re created. They remain current and active, but have no connection, correlation or anything else to do with the products we target. I.e. Once created we can use the same BLOX system to target and make money (affiliate commission) from any number of different digital products without doing any more work (apart from 2 minutes).

What about those 2 Minutes?
As a successful affiliate you probably target, or promote product launches? And product launches are relentlessly taking place every day. So, when you want to switch which product to target using your BLOX system, all you need to change is the product name, the price of the product, and your affiliate link. Each of these tiny tweaks are made on your Blox Flip Page… everything else stays exactly the same, which is why the total work is reduced down to a couple of minutes when you use BLOX 2.0.

You Said I could Make MORE?
When we use BLOX we’re not competing with 100s of other affiliates, we’re not talking about product XYZ which might be launching today. We’re only talking about something called a BLOX Magnet, and without giving too much away this is the reason we can often make more than we would have if we were doing what everyone else was doing.

Seeing is believing… check the result videos on our page.

The views expressed in this explanation are provided as an insight, and based purely on our own experience and results.