I’m a complete beginner… Can I use BLOX?
We know that more and more people are looking for ways to make extra money online, and we know that a lot of those people are going to be complete beginners.
  • So they won’t have any special skills
  • They probably won’t have any tech ability
  • Most won’t have an email list.
  • ​They might not have a lot of time.
  • ​And in most cases… they won't have a lot of spare cash either.
But, they can still use BLOX…
And if you’re a beginner you can use it too.
We created BLOX for everyone…
  • We’ll take you through each and every single part of the system.
  • We cover every single detail… even the basic stuff.
  • We show you examples, our systems, results, proof, case studies and everything else you need to get started, and use BLOX
  • ​We’ll even offer to create & set up complete BLOX systems for you, which you can start using within minutes of logging into BLOX for the first time, if that’s what you want.
And of course we’ve included the Split-Pitch System which we created especially for complete beginners, and which we tested, and used to make an extra $225, like we mentioned on our page, and in our video.

So if you are a complete beginner The Split Pitch System will more than likely be your go to pitch system to start with.

Because the only skills you need are the ability to read, write and give something away for free, and you could do that, couldn’t you?

So yes… when we say BLOX caters for complete beginners, we mean it.
We’ve also tested it & we have the results to prove it.
Seeing is believing… check the result videos on our page.
The views expressed in this explanation are provided as an insight, and based purely on our own experience and results.