Affiliate Marketing & Digital Products Explained.
Affiliate Marketing - Brief Summary:
Affiliate marketing is in our opinion the easiest way for anyone to make money using nothing but the internet because, in order to make money… All an affiliate has to do is share a link.

The affiliate makes money when a prospect clicks the shared link and subsequently purchases a product. For example if you were an affiliate for BLOX you would have a unique affiliate link (also called: Hop link / referral or Partner link), when you share this link and someone buys BLOX after clicking your link we would pay you a percentage of what the customer spends. This is called affiliate commission.

The huge advantage to being an affiliate is: An affiliate doesn’t have to create products, deliver anything, build anything, or worry about customer support, which is why lots of people who want to make extra money online choose, or at least begin with affiliate marketing.

Digital Products - Brief Summary:
Digital products are products which are only accessible via the internet (they are not physical products). A digital product for example could be software, or training. BLOX is a digital product.

Why We Make More Targeting Digital Products - Brief Summary:
The number one reason we target digital product with BLOX is because digital products pay more for the following reasons:

Number 1. Because the product is digital and not physical the person selling the product doesn't have to source, produce, store or ship anything which means they have very low operating overheads. As such they can afford to pay their affiliates a much higher commission rate. The normal or average commission rate in the sectors we use BLOX in is 50%. I.e. for every $1 a customer spends we would receive $0.50 (less fees).

E.G. If you were an affiliate for BLOX you would receive $11.50 (less fees) if someone clicks your link and subsequently purchases BLOX, because the price the customer spends is $23 (you receive half of the $23 less fees).

Number 2. Most digital products consist of 1 main product preceded by additional optional upgrades congruent to the main product (also known as upsells / funnels). These additional products also pay the referring affiliate, but the affiliate doesn’t have to do any additional work promoting, in most cases all the affiliate has to do is link to the main product, everything else happens in the background automatically.

E.G. If the main product costs $23, but the offer has 3 additional upgrades totalling an additional $200 and the customer purchases the main product, and all the upgrades, they will have spent a total of $223, and the affiliate would receive $111.50 commission (less fees) for simply linking to (referring) that one $23 main product.

In our opinion, 'digital product’ affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to make money online without any particular skill, and with little to no cost. Which in our opinion is why it's also perfect for complete beginners, providing they are following a proven system such as BLOX.
The views expressed in this explanation are provided as an insight, and based purely on our own experience and results.